To all Teams, Players, Clubs & Pubs of The Eastbourne District Pool League.



This statement is from the committee of The Eastbourne District Pool League (EDPL) in response to a letter sent to all teams in the EDPL by Claire Bates, who is captain of the Junction A pool team, regarding the setting up of a new Pool League in Eastbourne.


The EDPL will continue as usual next season, playing Black Ball Rules.


The EDPL is run with the main principal of giving all players, regardless of ability, gender, or age to play regular competitive Black Ball Pool.


Many players (worldwide) never really got on with the World Rules format and that is why so many are moving to Blackball and that is why we have followed suit, the foul snooker and deliberate foul rules especially were a constant gripe to many players.  A mixture of world rules and the old old rules has made Blackball very popular and so it continues to grow and looks set to get even bigger over the coming years.


The League will still play their games on a Thursday night, this will not be changed under any



The League singles & doubles competitions will also remain as a standard during the season,

along with the normal cup competitions.


The new league will also have their games on a Thursday night.

A possible problem could occur if one venue has a team in each league with only one table available. This will have to be overcome.


All landlords that are considering joining the new league need to be aware that if the new league fails and the EDPL is under way you will not be able to put a team back into the EDPL until the following season but players can join the EDPL at any time during the season as usual, this could leave you without a pool team in the short term and possibly players if they get settled at another venue. Our cup games will also continue on a Tuesday night giving your venue some extra business, something the new league is not going to do.  All teams have always had the choice to play or not play in these events if they can’t make the extra night now and again.  


We also now have four teams playing for Sussex and we are always looking for new players of all ages, gender and ability to join the county squads, if you are interested in finding out more about the County squads please feel free to contact us.


As you know this year we have included a Singles and Doubles comp for each division as well as Open comps giving the lower division players a more realistic chance of a title and trophy which seems to have been a success and will remain as part of the EDPL structure from now on.


Our newest committee member, Derek Simmons from the Kings Head in Hailsham is a voice for the lower divisions, you can contact Derek for help and advice with any issues you may have. We know that division four especially has had a difficult season with so many drop outs this season but rest assured this will not be the case next season as we will reduce the league to three divisions if needed to ensure a steady run of matches throughout the season.


Finally, the Committee of The EDPL would like to invite ALL the current league teams and any new teams, to join the EDPL for next season.


Enjoy your pool.


The Committee


Chairman – Carl Fitzsimon

Vice Chairman – Chrisy Lee

Secretary – Steve Hearn

Member – Darren Hollobone

Member – Jeff Roll

Member – Derek Simmons


The Committee

 Chairman - Carl Fitzsimon (07865 626 999)

Vice Chairman - Chrisy Lee (07427 452 156) Secretary - Steve Hearn (07917 164 440) Member - Darren Hollobone (07960 141 639)  Member - Jeff Roll (07792 487 753) Member - Derek Simmons (07775 724 520)

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