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 Please check out this new shopping app!

Once you have entered a product in the Shopping Sherlock search bar It basically takes you to the best deals on all the major sites like Ebay and Amazon etc and saves you searching through pages and pages of that product.

It is an invite only site so you will need to enter code 241277 along with a login name and password of your choice along with your email address and your away, feel free to pass the code onto your friends and famillly.

Click on Shop for all shopping items, Scanner to scan a product and get the best deals, also finds you flights and Hotels.
Deal of the day will give you all the deals on just about anything from restaurants to superstores in any City, town or county in any country you enter on that day, fantastic!

Its a fantastic app and well worth a look, you can only save time and money so a win win for all of us.

Let me know if you like it!


The Committee

 Chairman - Carl Fitzsimon (07865 626 999)

Vice Chairman - Chrisy Lee (07427 452 156) Secretary - Steve Hearn (07917 164 440) Member - Darren Hollobone (07960 141 639)  Member - Jeff Roll (07792 487 753) Member - Derek Simmons (07775 724 520)

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